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Two Wings Music Song Learning
Martin D-28 1972
Two Wings Music Song Learning
Bruce and Working Man’s Harmony



Two Wings Music Song Learning presents the Songs of Bruce Palmer. Therefore I share these heart songs of Christian music praise and worship songs so you can learn and use them. I wrote the songs between 1974-2018 and built quite a catalogue.
So consequently a treasure of songs wait for singers. The Two Wings Music Song Learning Site Teaches over 700 copyrighted songs listed on CCLI Song Select at Christian Copyright License International. So, learn, use and enjoy the songs. Report all use to the CCLI. In addition, I started uploading song videos with lyrics on you
Type in song title and number on Google to go directly to the song video. Also, check out the reading view top right corner

Two Wings Music Song Learning

Mp3 songs demonstrate the songs. I sing showing how the song goes. Also, Sheet music with melody line and guitar chords are listed under Lead Sheets in blocks of fifty. Copy or download information to learn. Song videos on you show me singing the song demonstrations with lyric displayed.
Discover songs by alphabet or number. The Two Wings Music Song Learning site lists the TWM song numbers before the titles followed by the CCLI number for reporting.
It is a great love of Two Wings Music Song Learning which makes a joyful noise of praise and worship to God. But willing hearts praise Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, the Pharisees told Jesus to quiet his disciples (which are learning followers) and Jesus told them if these should be silenced, the stones would cry out. Consequently, the Lord will praised.
Two Wings Music promotes the filling of the Spirit and thus speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord. Thanks for listening. Bruce