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Lead Sheets Christian Music Praise Worship Songs

Two Wings of Spiritual Power Praise and Prayer
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Hover for title and song number and click to open in the Lead Sheet files

Also, find lead sheets quickly with the Lead Sheet link locater on the Menu Bar, either A-Z or 1-735.

The Lead Sheets of Christian Music Praise Worship Songs at Two Wings Music display the original key they were written in. Consequently my video recording demonstrations and song recordings, sing in a higher key. Also, in the videos, notice my capo use. Lead Sheets help guitar use while displaying guitar chords along with lyrics, melody line with verses and chorus.

In addition Christian Music Praise Worship Song Videos are  available at YouTube Two Wings Music. Type in song title and number on Google to access the song video.

Making it easier for folks to learn and use the Bruce G. Palmer songs of twowingsmusic.com is why Lead Sheets Christian Music Praise Worship Songs are made available. Song Lead Sheets A-Z and 1-735 are Sheet Music displaying melody line and Guitar chords while Lyric sheets show only lyrics. Two Wings Song videos on YouTube, include lyric lines because many folks enjoy knowing what they are singing.

Further more Lead Sheets Christian Music Praise Worship Songs Help Learning

I remember singing a number of secular songs from the 1950’s and 1960’s while unknowingly singing them with wrong lyrics for 50 years. One mistake sang  some wind lyrics wrong. Another mistake sang a ball lyric wrong and numbers of others. In addition to bacon frying records hindering at times and car radios playing great because nothing else could replace them, I do believe the problem was me. Consequently, I sang what I heard. Sometimes these funny mistakes were embarrassing. So my desire is to make sure the lyrics are clear. Songs are to be sung the way the songwriter wrote or crafted the song. Lead Sheets Christian Music Praise Worship Songs help keep lyrics and melodies right.

In addition to displaying lyrics and melodies, Lead Sheets Christian Music Praise Worship Songs reveal helpful information of song topics, Two Wings Music song number, CCLI numbers, speed and Bible Verses I base my songs on. Lead Sheet Links A-Z and 1-735.