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Alphabet Song List

The Two Wings Music Alphabet Song List helps you find the song you are looking for. Then consequently the Two Wings Music song number. Then use Lead Sheet Links A-Z or Lead Sheet Links 1-735 to find the song in the Lead Sheet file or Audio Song Recordings. The Song Videos at YouTube Two Wings Music can be located using our YouTube Link list 1-300, YouTube Link List 301-600, YouTube Link List 601-750.

Type in song title and number on Google to access the song video.

The alphabet song list displays 1-735 Bruce Palmer songs alphabetically. The Two Wings Music song number follows the song title for easy referencing. CCLI, Christian Copyright Licensing International song numbers display on Lead Sheets and Song Recordings and Videos. CCLI Song Select and other programs display the songs lyrics. Although they have the lyrics, they need the song melody, style and arrangement.

Alphabet Song List Matches Titles To Their Number

A good song cannot remain hidden for too long. Therefore the Two Wings Music site exists. So if you were looking for one of my most well liked songs, I Give You My Heart, it would be very easy to locate. I’m also planning even easier methods to find the songs so dear and from my heart. But the best way is to listen to all the songs. It only takes approximately Fifty Five hours to listen to all my songs. Besides it is quite and education. Did you know it takes Seventy One hours to read the entire Bible? For many years I would play Ten songs a day and then repeat. Now it would take Ten Weeks or Two and Half Months.

Another help concerning the alphabet song list is the gallery. Hover and click to open a page and then click on page bar Full Resolution for the larger picture. Twenty one pages exist now and you can copy them all. Praise the Lord!

Christian Music Praise Worship Song Videos are  available at YouTube.